Still having fevers

But still optimistic. I am going to beat this!

And today, when my fever went above 38 again, I asked a nurse to check with the docs to see if they wanted to do another blood culture (previously they have taken 2 tubes of blood every time I went over 38, which sometimes happened a few times in one day). Today the doctor said, “no, I don’t want to take any more blood from that poor woman”.

See, they are looking after me!

Medical update. Still waiting for an official call by the infectious diseases department as to how long they think I will need to be in IV antibiotics. If it’s only a week or so, we will keep going with cannulas, but if it will be more than a few weeks they will want to try again for another PICC line. You can probably guess which way I would prefer!

Again, my sense of humor has mostly returned after a short holiday on Monday. Thanks for all your messages of support.

Here is a picture of my beautiful Inigo, sleeping without a care in the world at Grandmas house a few days ago. I am going to try to add in a few pics to break up the endless text and misery πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Still having fevers”

  1. Yes, you are going to beat this! Glad to hear you are optimistic. You should talk to my sis after PICC line, she has become a bit of an expert about this in the past few months.


  2. Hey Lara
    Just been reading the last week of your posts and I wanted to share a story from the funeral of my mums partner which was on Tuesday.
    His youngest sister talked a bit about him and his life at the funeral and she talked quite a lot about two of his brothers (their mother had 10 children), one who died at birth and the other who died at 2 weeks old. The fondness with which she spoke about these two brothers who shed never met was beautiful. Their mother always made a point of letting the other kids know when it was Bernards birthday, or the anniversary of Johns death, and the whole family always felt that those two members were very much a part of their family even though their lives were short. Gerry, my mums partner, often spoke to me while he was alive, of those two brothers and how their births and deaths had affected his mother and the rest of the family, and the love they all felt throughout their lives for those two important members of their family.


  3. You are holding up so well, it’s a tough road but you are going to beat it!
    Sending lots of love to all of you . . . .
    Inigo looks adorable, I can only imagine how you must be missing home.
    I look in everyday for updates, you are never far from my mind :0)


  4. A woman on the team wants to
    put in a new line even though it is utmost uneccesary as I have one perfectly functioning lumen. I’m too tired to argue. Will let them bicker amongst themselves.


    1. Sheesh Emily!

      I can’t stand the thought of you being too tired to argue about something like that! I’m feeling better, get them to call me and I can argue for you.


  5. Dear Lara,I was so sorry to hear about your loss and your continuing ordeal. I am a sticks and string listener. I am sending you love and wishes of healing. Take Care,


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