A bit better today

Today, I didnt spike a fever until 6pm – thats over 12 hours between fevers, a record since all this started. And, when it did come, it peaked at 38.2, much better than the 39s I have been getting!

I am thrilled. Am due another chat with the Infectious Diseases team tomorrow, will update again after that.

And I would like to say a special thank you to the members of the Inner city knitters guild who made a group donation to the smocking guild on behalf of Archie and Aubrey. We were given a beautiful gown to dress Archie in for the last time, made with love by volunteers from the smocking guild, and it meant so much to Mark and I to have such a special garment to dress our precious baby in. The donation will pay for materials to help the volunteers to continue their work. Lets hope they dont spend it ALL on poxy pastels.


4 thoughts on “A bit better today”

  1. The academic running the course today noticed my pink scarf and commented on it. (Im wearing brights for you as I go about the world. Tomorrow will be a lime green sparkle day.)

    If theyve met you, it will be neon colours.

    Its a beautiful garment for your beautiful boy, Archie.


  2. Oh Lara, I have just read all your blog entries that I have missed. There has been so much to do with this move that I havent been online much at all lately. Im so sorry about the loss of your little babies, you certainly did all you could for them. The photo of Archie is so very beautiful too, it just broke my heart that he was with you for such a short time.

    I hope that this infection doesnt last much longer and your hospital stay does not last much longer.

    You, Mark and Inigo are in my thoughts.



  3. Lara i do hope that you are well VERY soon. Your Mum brought Inigo to Playgroup this morning and while it took him a little while to warm up he blew me away with his smile and actions during singing time and while we played with the parachute – he is gorgeous! Did you like his clown mask?
    My thoughts are with you, Mark and Inigo as they have been so much during recent times. The photo of Archie is just beautiful and to be treasured.

    Many of your fellow playgroupers have been asking after you and all send their regards and thoughts. Your Mum gave me your blog address to pass on especially to Marian, Jennifer and Rebecca.



  4. Lara

    I read Sallys letter to the smockers, which was (of course!) lovely and appropriate without any sappiness (the pastel of letters). Im so pleased you got something hand made with purpose for Archie.

    And great that you had longer between fevers, and not so high at that! Long may that continue.

    I shall think of you this weekend – Cs sisters wedding (and weddings make me think of you); I shall be wearing an ENORMOUS stole of angelfish coloured yarn with little sparkles all over and dangley swarovskis on the ends. Channelling you, much????!


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