Lara’s crappy day

More fevers. Docs decided to drain ooze.

Another cannula tissued. I think it is my mutant clotting factor that keeps blocking them and fluids start going into my tissues (instead of the vein), leaving large, painful bruises. Docs decided to put in a PICC line.

Was told I could have both done together under a twilight sedation – ie, I would be off my head when it happened. I signed a consent form.

PICC line nurse came and told me that it couldn’t be done all together. That I couldn’t have the twilight sedation, but it wouldn’t be that painful, and it would be all over within half an hour. She lied.

It was painful, and it took ages. And it failed.

She got from below the crook of the arm, to the armpit, and then it wouldn’t go any further. After over an hour of stinging local anaesthetic, poking, prodding, pulling, and quite serious pain, she was forced to give up and pull everything out.

By that stage I was almost hysterical, and they left me alone to chill out for a while. And I had missed Oprah.

Poor dad was almost as traumatised as I was, so a few hours off was a huge relief.

Eventually the douchecanoe* came to wheel me down for my next procedure. I asked the nurse that accompanied me about the sedation, and she said she would ask when we arrived.

On arrival, I was told that “we don’t do that here”, and “it’s not an option”. At this point, the pain was getting worse and my temperature was rocketing. I had also missed two doses of antibiotics, so the feelings of fear, pain, and extreme sadness were almost overwhelming.

So I cracked it. I refused to consent to the procedure until I was able to speak to my doctor. I got cranky about being patronised, being told that I was being a wuss, that I was causing trouble, that I was compromising my medical care.

Fuck that. I know my rights, and I know what I am capable of withstanding. And I know I am not a wuss. There are many things you can say about me, but I don’t think anybody has the right to call me a wuss – especially after these last few weeks.

So eventually the gorgeous Armani arrived (part of Team Lara), and arranged some valium for me, as well as another cannula – so at least they can get antibiotics into me while we argue about the PICC line again.

I got the valium (tablets), and 30 mins later went in for the procedure. The valium had not yet taken effect, but I was feeling a little calmer.

Under ultrasound, they found the pocket of ooze has shrunk, and there was no point doing an aspiration. Then they did a CT scan just to be sure.

Tomorrow we will look at the result of the CT scan and have another confab. More news as it comes to hand.

But I would like it on the record that being needle shy after everything I have been through does not make me a wuss.

And I would like to say a huge thank you to Steph, who despite having three kids of her own, has been by my side so much this last week, and I honestly don’t know how I would have go through some of those days without her humour and strength.

*Speaking of the douchcanoe – both Steph and mum met him today, and bot agree with my assessment that he is generally a kind man who means well, and there is no benefit in reporting him.










15 thoughts on “Lara’s crappy day”

  1. No way are you a wuss.
    I cannot believe they had the gall to say this to someone who has been through what you have these past few months.


  2. Oh sweet one, I wish you didn’t have to fight for your own best care. You were totally right, fuck them. Good news on the ooze, though, shame you missed Oprah. And congratulations on embracing my favourite term for stupid people. Let me know if you need any more fun descriptors, I am happy to help out. Xxx (really gentle ones, you don’t need any more bruising)


  3. 😦 Poor Lara, full of holes… *sob*
    Can you please tell any medical personnel not on Team Lara to stick their great big heads up their fundamental orifices, because damn it, I need a valium just *reading* this stuff.
    Thank you for saying Fuck that. I’m so glad you did.
    Still sending Magic Puddings of love to you and Mark and Inigo – and Steph too. xoxox


  4. Yay Lara! You are such a legend and it inspires me to read this. I know the type of person I am I would just go along with what they wanted despite screaming inside but reading this makes me realise that if Im ever in a similar situation it is worthwhile insisting on decent care.
    I never used to mind needles until one time a nurse screwed one up and I ended up with intense bruising up my entire arm and now Im really nervous about them.
    Will pop in to visit you on thurs let me know if you want me to bring anything xx


  5. What hospital is this Lara? Ill make sure we avoid it. You are lucky that you are young and not confused – I saw an elderly lady who was confused about where she was, in the bed opposite Wals (he broke his wrist on Friday), being treated with rising levels of hysteria by one particular nurse. The elderly patient said very assertively but nicely, to stop pulling her around – to take their hands off her and she would get into the bed herself – she had had a knee operation and kept getting out and falling – but they continued to pull. She was tied in with velcro restraints in the end. The young wardsman who accomplished this under instructions from the nurse, did so in a very caring, humane manner. So why the nurses manner? I suspect she was overworked and the ward understaffed and shed reached the end of her tether – but to me, that is no excuse.

    I hope your experiences improve – keep on asserting your rights and as Sally said – be rude when necessary and your usual polite self when you dont. Im glad your ooze is shrinking. Hang in there.


  6. Im going to keep on coming until the ooze makes a run for it just to get away from my humour πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and the offer stands about dropping waterbombs off the helipad. I found out how to get there yesterday when I got trapped in the elevator. Now I just need to crack the code/swipe a pass to get up there and were good πŸ™‚


  7. Hi Lara,
    Thats just terrible care. I cant believe how uncompassionate they could be. Youre not a wuss at all, and good on you for standing up for yourself.

    More prayers for healing.
    Love and Hugs from Canada


  8. Grandma Flea,
    I suspect this is just west of Parramatta from the description. My sister has been there many times with cancer operations and major infections. Nursing staff are definitely overworked, but there are some who abuse what power they have. Others are incompetent. One dropped a dressing on the floor once and went to use it till my sister protested. More protests were needed after another blew her nose and didnt wash before coming to change sisters dressing.

    Another one did not know how to fix sisters drain and sister had to tell her.

    When she was in for fourth recurrence just a few months ago, nurses refused to change the Depend underwear of elderly demented woman in same room. Sister protested and was told it made no difference.

    The good ones are good but there are many who dont care.

    If Steph needs a backup, Lara, Ill get my sister down. She wont take rubbish from anyone and has been known to refuse various forms of treatment too.

    Hope today is better than yesterday. Best wishes to you and all your family.


  9. Been planning the helipad-raid all day. I think its best we have somebody on the inside. Roshni looks like she has a sense of humour πŸ˜›


  10. Lara if only they knew you like I do. You have strength that leaves me awestruck, and I really cant tell you how much I feel for you, having these F&%#ing SHIT hospital experiences, it breaks my heart. But you, you just power through, God Bless you! xxx Lotsa Love xxxx


  11. cant come today now, work busy. So glad to read you are feeling a bit better. What a beautiful outfit for beautiful Archie. Lots of love xxx


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