Medical update

A few people on facebook asked for more info on what was happening medically. Feel free to skip this if you are weak of stomach or easily upset. I wish I could 😉

There is a collection of fluid in the lining of the uterus underneath the wound site. They were hoping the antibiotics would get in to the encapsulated infection, before the infection got into the bloodstream. But no such luck – my blood is growing something, which means I am going septic.

The first (and most conservative) type of surgery is to use ultrasound to guide a needle into the pocket of ooze and try to drain it out. A D&C on a uterus that has been through so much is likely to be risky.

That being said, we are now at the point that if they dont do something to stop the fevers, I am risking brain damage, and even death. This is not something to freak out about, but it has gone beyond seroius, and is now very serious.

I am now 9 days post surgery, and they are trying another, very hard core antibiotic as a last ditch attempt to avoid surgery. Apparently this one can have some side effects, so I might be in for an interesting night.

As for how one person can deal with so. much. crap? I dont know. But think the Oxycontin helps.

8 thoughts on “Medical update”

  1. I don’t know if it’s ok to swear on your blog but I just want to say the f word. Gah, so sorry. Hope you can avoid invasive surgery


  2. I’m hoping the drugs do their job, and fast.

    Just for you, I am making sure I wear at least one piece of really bright clothing everyday, to send your influence out in the world. Hot lime green, really bright pink!

    Thinking of you, everyday.


  3. I have been reading your blogs and following your roller coaster ride of emotions and health and its about time I let you know that you have many caring others barracking for you and sending you love. i admire your courage to continue writing on your blog – may your spirit continue to be strong.


  4. Gosh my dear Lara, you are going through so much, it’s so, so unfair that one person has to go through so much, I send lots of light and many prayers daily. I hope this new antibiotic hits this infection HARD and you will start to improve quickly and there will be nothing invasive needed!!!


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