Mmmmm…. Flavoured booze made easy

Something about prolonged abstinence and enforced laziness makes the booze look all that much more attractive, so I am saving this link for when I can drink again. Honestly, I hope that day is still a long way away (currently 21w 3d), but somone else might enjoy it!

Quick spirit infusion.

I’m thinking Lemon Myrtle vodka…

2 thoughts on “Mmmmm…. Flavoured booze made easy”

  1. That’s pretty cool. I once met a Swedish man who was the personification of Asterix (and oddly dressed as a Viking at the time) who told me that one could flavour vodka by taking out a nip or two and adding the flavouring substance (licorice was what he liked to use), replacing the lid very tightly and then putting the whole bottle into the dishwasher through a complete cycle. Those crazy Scandinavians…


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