Lowlife bastadry – I take it all back!

Edited to add a retraction and apology. Dad must have tidied up on his way home – chair is neatly tucked behind the outdoor setting on the front porch. Universe, we are friends again 🙂

On Wednesday, the gorgeous Steph came over with two of her beautiful children, and a hot pink banana lounge, so I could laze outside and enjoy some of the lovely spring sunshine.

Yesterday, when mum and dad were here, dad set it up for me in the yard, but I didnt get to try it out because the weather turned cold.

Now this morning is a beautiful day, and I was looking forward to christening the lounge while the cleaners worked inside the house, and catch up on some vit d that I have been missing for the last 6 weeks.


2 thoughts on “Lowlife bastadry – I take it all back!”

  1. Sonofamotherlessgoat!!! special place reserved in hell for thieves of banana lounges… girlfriend needs her sunshine!


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