20 weeks, 5 days

Since all this began, Ive been taking my temperature 4 times a day, and had instructions to trot myself off to hospital if it went above 37.5.

So on Tuesday afternoon, I started to feel a bit headachy, perhaps like I was getting a cold, and my temp went up to 37.6. I decided not to panic, and kept monitoring it for the next hour or so until Mark got home (Inigo was having a sleepover with Nanna and Gonad). When Mark came home, my temp was still 37.6, so I rang the hospital early pregnancy clinic, who told me to ring labour and delivery ward, and they told me to come in, but to have dinner first.

So after dinner and a shower, Mark drove me in to the hospital, where we promptly got lost. And while wandering around near the intensive care ward, we found my specialist who was on her way home, and had varied from her usual route, to meet up with us quite fortuitously. She personally guided us to the right place, and briefed the midwife in charge about my case.

Long story short, they werent worried too much about my temp, it was stable, so they sent me home with some anti-biotics (2 days before I was going to go on them anyway, I am doing one week on, three weeks off until the baby is born). But due to a few babies needing caesarians while we were there, it was almost 2am before we were able to leave the hospital.

Not a very exciting story, but I realise that people do tend to freak when they see the H word in a post 🙂

Todays visit was pretty routine, no visit to the vampires because they took blood on Tuesday night, and mum came with me, so she got to meet my lovely doctor.

And next week is my 20ish week scan.

3 thoughts on “20 weeks, 5 days”

  1. So pleased all ok. I am keeping an eye on your progress, but v poor and infrequent internet at mo (currently between patients and the NHS seem not to be watching and blocking googlereader for once, hurray!)

    Lots of love and thoughts are coming your way, even though few commments and emails.


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