20 (ish) week scan

Had the scan this morning (still waiting to see the doctor afterward). Growth is ahead of dates, heart is fine, everything is good – except the amniotic fluid levels. Normal AFI is about 15, mine was 1.7.

And it looks like we have another penis!

7 thoughts on “20 (ish) week scan”

  1. Hooray, good work Lara. Seems like a lot of good indicators to go with that worrying one about the fluid levels. I hope that things are stable for a long while now.


  2. Woah – for a crazy minute I thought you meant the baby had two penises!!! Then I realised that I was very, very wrong. And that it was the second penis-ed child. I….oh god, clearly I need more sleep.

    So happy this little fighter is doing so well!


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