Update 17w 5d

I went to the hospital today, and saw another registrar. Fortunately, I also saw the first doctor I had seen there, who I really like. She is the senior fellow, and is specialising in high risk pregnancies. She (Roshini) has taken a special interest in my case, and apparently I will be able to see her at each weekly visit, rather than a different resident each week. This is great news – I will be able to have a single point of contact, and it’s someone I both trust and like, and who has a sense of humour!

So I am still healthy, still have normal blood pressure, normal pee, normal blood. Still pregnant (still spewing, though much lees), and still have two little heartbeats banging away. Oh, and I have lost 7kg since I booked in a couple of months ago.

If I owe you an email, you can expect it in the next couple of days, I am slowly catching up πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Update 17w 5d”

  1. All good news (except the spewing of course). Voltaire once said “The art of medicine consists of keeping the patient amused while nature heals the disease”; Although I hasten to add that in no way am I implying that the little heartbeats are a disease, but I think you get the gist. I am glad you have found someone so capable of keeping you amused. S xo


  2. Jesus. Fracking extreme way to lose a few pounds Lara. And they say it’s diet and exercise.. Bah! The trick is fear and spewing and bedrest – who knew?


  3. All sounds great (except for the spewing of course). Thanks for the update. E and I were just talking about you today and hoping for the very best. I’ll let her know your latest news.


  4. Wonderful news… thinking of you. Will bring a newborn by next week for you to practice snuggling on… not that you need it πŸ˜›


  5. Glad that you have a regular medico on your case… Sandy (mother of the odd parent) sends big love and healthy strong vibes for all the Nettle clan


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