Does this look like a kid that hates daycare?


One of the symptoms of the toll all this is taking on Inigo, is that he has started to get anxious about going to daycare on Fridays. A couple of weeks ago, I had to leave him in tears for the first time ever, as I had to leave to go to a medical appointment (I always make sure I drop him well before I have to be somewhere else, so I have ample time to get him settled in before I need to leave him). Previously, (once he got used to being there), I haven’t had to wait more than half an hour before he is ready for me to leave.

Since Mark has been dropping him off the last couple of weeks, Mark has had to go through the trauma of leaving him while he is distressed. This morning, he threw a whammy before he even got out of the car, but once he was coaxed inside, he immediately sat down, set up a tea party, and waved goodbye to daddy.

“See you later Daddy!”

Strange creature.

3 thoughts on “Does this look like a kid that hates daycare?”

  1. O yes tea parties for children (and adults) do wonders. I think though we need to hide Abi’s tea set as she always wants to sit down at her table at home with Alice (her doll) for a cup of tea before going out anywhere (she’s her father’s daughter). It can take some time. I think I’ll, try “why don’t you save your cup of tea and have it with your friends at Kindy” LOL


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