Life as we know it

As I enter my third week of bed rest, I am reduced to recording the adventures of other people. Mark took Inigo to the park yesterday, and sent me this picture.

And today they went to visit our friends Richard and Miriam, who welcomed baby Anastasia on Wednesday. Richard and Mark have put an extra car seat in the vintage Jaguar, and have taken Oscar and Inigo to the zoo.


I hope they have fun, and take lots of pictures for me to enjoy vicariously.

8 thoughts on “Life as we know it”

  1. Sorry to sound like a carseat paranoid mummy, but is Inigo’s carset getting a bit small for him? From that photo it looks like the top of his eyes are in line with the top of the seat, which means he is about to be too big for the seat. Maybe he needs a booster with inbuilt harness now?

    BTW, the photo is really cute!


    1. Ange, you are spot on! We do need a new seat for the Squish, and were shopping for one while we were thinking about how to fit three kids in our car. Subsequently we got distracted, but it’s high time we sorted it out (and I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw that picture!).


  2. Is that jumper that he has on in the top photo knitted by you Lara? It’s fantastic! Love all the beautiful colours.

    Glad to hear Westley and Buttercup are staying where they belong, safe and sound.

    Take care,

    P.S Are you part of the Ravelry Community? WOuld be a great way to pass some time, trawling for lovely baby patterns. :O)


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