Apparently, I have a genetic mutation that makes my blood prone to clots. Factor V Leiden, for which I am heterozygous for (which is less scary than homozygous), could have been the cause of the issues I had with Inigo’s birth, but it probably wouldn’t have anything to do with what is happening now. If this pregnancy continues though, I will probably need to be on blood thinners at some point.

I found this out, because my gorgeous midwives at Hornsby hospital suggested that I get tested for it because of the state of Inigo’s placenta. I asked my OB to test for it, and then today he rang and asked me why he had decided to test for it. And then he told me I’m a mutant.

It explains a lot.

As for my hospital visit yesterday, it took nearly 5 hours to pee in a jar, visit the vampires (give blood), have my blood pressure taken 80/120, have a long conversation with the high risk OB, and then a visit with the Midwife that co-ordinates the high risk patients. She wanted to know if we wanted to see a social worker to talk about how horrible this experience is. Um, no, I don’t think so. Frankly, if we were all cheery and full of coping, I’d suggest a padded cell, but I can’t see the social worker being able to make a huge amount of difference. This is an awful situation, it is NORMAL to feel awful. We’re doing well considering.

I’ve been told that I will have to go to the hospital twice a week, every Monday and Thursday, where I will have to pee in a jar, visit the vampires, have my blood pressure taken, and then wait around until a doctor has time to see me. I will be spending a great deal of time at the hospital, and a great deal of money in the car park ($8 in coins needed each time!).

So I am loving my iPad right now, and looking forward to getting a sim card so I can have internets in the waiting room…


And this is why I love my husband – the care package he came home with on the weekend. A new top of the line iPad, the new Kylie album, the new Scissor Sisters album, and some plastic cheese (no, I wouldn’t normally eat this shit, it’s a pregnancy thing).

14 thoughts on “Mutant!”

  1. Crikey, can it really be bedrest if you have to hang around at the hospital for hours two days every week…

    Hugs, Susan xx

    PS: I have a lot of chick-lit Im happy to loan, if the iPad ever gets boring…

    PPS: Im the ABA CanBay ex-counsellor you met at that dinner in Rhodes a couple of months ago. Hi!


  2. Actually, my aunt felt the same when she was offered a counsellor when my uncle was really sick. She didnt really see how they would be able to help the situation.

    But Im regularly checking your blog for updates! Mark is really sweet!!


  3. Hey! I got Aphrodite when I was in hospital as well! Kylie is a Goddess. I wanted to get an iphone for my 6 month hospital experience but everyone says no! πŸ™‚ You will make it through this Lara. I will be thinking of you and sending my positive thoughts. As for the social worker, when mine first came around I didn’t even register. But I have since contacted her and she’s helping organize in home care for me for when Cec leaves for the states. My chemo pick doesn’t bleed properly so they have to take blood peripherally too…yes the vampires, but remember the phlebotomist is the best person to do this. Stay away from junior doctors and med students! πŸ™‚
    Lots of love your way.


    1. Thanks Emily, I promise to be nice to the social worker when the time comes they can actually help us with something πŸ™‚

      At least the hospital has dedicated phlebotomists, so I can keep the registrars away from my veins.

      Do keep me updated on your treatment, I am desperate for news (especially good news!).


  4. I’m just attempting to convert some of those eBooks we discussed to ePub format so your wonderful sysadmin can load them onto the iPad for you. Trashy space opera galore!


  5. So you are a mutant – do you have special powers like at Profesor Xavier’s School for the gifted? Sending you big love and vibes of general fabulousness… had a great time with your Husbatarian and gorgeous boy other day admiring the birds in the park and playing on the slippery dip. Can’t wait to visiot again soon!


    1. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any associated super powers. I am hoping for “being able to gestate two healthy babies with no amniotic fluid”, but that is a long shot πŸ™‚


  6. Oooooh, iPad, shiny! Yay Mark!

    I totally agree with you on the social worker thing. I had to do a questionnaire for a pain management specialist the other day and one of the questions was “Do you feel tired all of the time for no good reason?” Ummmm? I am tired, yes, but fuck! I am in constant pain and have four kids to deal with. I have plenty of reasons! Stupid people.

    Thinking of you.


  7. Not a haemophiliac! Time for a tattoo that says, ‘Radio Birdman’, or doesn’t say, ‘Bir’. Well it was a good joke a long time ago.


  8. Hi Lara

    I’m also a mutant, though homozygous for a different gene that also means I clot more quickly than the general public. πŸ˜€

    Anyway. from one mutant to another, I just wanted to say that I’m surprised that you get to use your iPad with a 2.5 year old in the house. Nathan has a tantrum if he sees mine and isn’t allowed to have it. πŸ˜€


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