Remember what I said about the kid choosing his own clothes?

It’s beginning to get ugly.

Since his feet are growing at an amazing rate, we had a quick visit to Target last week where I found precisely three pairs of shoes that both fit, and didn’t send me into paroxysms of horror at the thought of dressing my two year old as a miniature soldier or advertisement for the wiggles.

One pair was lime green (my preference), one was orange, and one was hot pink. Of course, Inigo HAD TO HAVE the pink ones. And absolutely refused to countenance the green ones. But I was allowed to also purchase the orange ones. He may even deign to wear them one day, but for now, it’s all about the pink. And the Hawaiian hat.

3 thoughts on “Remember what I said about the kid choosing his own clothes?”

  1. I think that he looks perfectly respectable – I think I have a similar outfit myself… in fact I am pretty sure I was wearing it just the other day


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