What do you say when a Hindu wishes you a Merry Christmas?

Surely I should have had a better comeback than, “Uh, yeah. Ta.”. Disastrous.

So, in an effort to recover gracefully from that cultural abyss, I intended to bring you Inigo singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. It was going to be a creative triumph, an adorable child, singing a note perfect and season appropriate carol, with gorgeous lighting and the perfect accessories.

But after two days of trying, I bring you this instead.

5 thoughts on “What do you say when a Hindu wishes you a Merry Christmas?”

  1. Gorgeous!

    if you can work out a culturally appropriate way for me to ask a staff member are you a Hindu and can you give me some advice about Christmas greetings, then I will give you an answer.


  2. hes a star!

    I meet people from every ethnic,cultural and religious background in my job and I have learnt to say merry christmas back or to them if they havent said it – I feel it is inclusive – culture is a 2 way street – we wish each other happy Holi days, peaceful Ramadan, you and I are lucky to live in these fantastic multicultural countries!

    Merry Christmas my sweet!


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