I Cried

The Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine’s current issue features a same sex couple – a beautiful, stylish, quirky wedding. And that’s the focus of the piece, with no fuss or fanfare about their gender, but a look at the lovely details of a day that was uniquely theirs. Everything I love about a wedding is seeing a reflection of two lives, two personalities coming together in a celebration that speaks of who they are as a couple, and sharing the ritual of commitment before those that are important to them.

And Martha Stewart isn’t the worlds only tastemaker, but this sort of exposure, this normality, is a wonderful sign of great things to come.

See The Other Andrew, and Web Goddess for related coverage!

2 thoughts on “I Cried”

    1. Very depressing. It’s hard to be happy about advances in developed nations when around the world people are still being imprisoned for love.

      I hope ou had a lovely Chrissie anyway.


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