Filigree Lace Jacket

A few years ago I admired Kate’s version of this pattern, and a few months ago I bought the pattern. On Friday I bought some yarn that might do (it needs a 10 ply cotton on 5.5ml needles), and on Sunday (with expert help – thanks Pom Pom and Gussetting!), I cast on a sleeve as a swatch.

Today, I got out the measuring tape, and what seems obvious to the eye was well and truly proven by the tape. Its huge. My gauge is perfect, but the size of the thing is enormous. The sizes are for a 40, 48, 56 or 64″ bust. I have a bust that is a shade shy of 50″, but the pattern suggests going up a size for wearing as a jacket, so I cast on the 56″ size, which would mean the upper sleeve would have a positive ease of 4 full inches. Perhaps a wee bit too big.

So I’ll knit the 48″ instead, and happily I don’t have to frog my swatch, just rewrite my pattern notes.

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