I bought a blue car today

Well, I didn’t actually, but after spending most of the morning crying, I was due for some good news.

The very gorgeous Kate texted to let me know that she was able to get me 2 tickets to see Alan Cumming‘s new show, I Bought a Blue Car Today. If you don’t know of him, do a quick search. He was the dreamy guy that rescued Romy & Michelle from the horrible school reunion, he was the MC in the latest fab production of Cabaret, and he even has his own fragrance – be sure to click the link and watch the video if you don’t mind things being a little bit saucy on your monitor.

Inigo is having a nap, I am catching up on some email and then hoping to have a nap myself, then I’ll cook dinner for Inigo and drop him with Grandma and Papa, and head into the Opera House for a proper grown up night out.

I definitely need a laugh.

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