Oh, and the other thing…

The other thing that could be causing internal bleeding is coeliac disease.

And the happy thought for today?

I am going this afternoon to visit a friend whose 10 year old daughter is in intensive care at Westmead with pneumonia. She is apparently going up and down, so they are hopeful she will be home within a few weeks, but I can’t imagine how terrifying this is for her parents and her sister.

4 thoughts on “Oh, and the other thing…”

  1. Hope it’s almost anything else. I’m very very gluten intolerant (although not actually coeliac, although I may as well be for the diet I’m on) and I know what a pain in the… neck it is.


  2. Yep, I should have thought of that last week, sorry!! Anaemia was one of my sister’s primary symptoms.

    If you’re thinking about testing, do it BEFORE going GF, or you’re going to climb the same mountain twice. I’m no longer computerless, so I’m around if you want info on this one šŸ™‚


  3. BTW, internal bleeding is pretty severe, even for coeliacs. However, early versions of the disease can cause anaemia by itself without the bleeding. Malabsorption of nutrients and general cruddyness.


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