Something happened last night

Which I am still processing, still trying to make sense of in my iron depleted brain. But it seems pretty important.

Nearly six years ago, I said something stupid to a dear friend. It was thoughtless, and it hurt her. And she stopped speaking to me.

And for nearly six years, I didn’t know why. And I was so angry. Hurt and devastated that someone I loved so much could be so cruel to me.

And last night she was at a party I went to. She lives miles away, so I didn’t expect her to be there, I hadn’t seen her in years. It was a shock.

But we talked, and I understood, why she did what she did. I still hate what she did, but I understand, and I have forgiven her. And she’s forgiven me.

Are we friends again? I don’t know, I think it will take a while. But I’ve missed her, and I couldn’t believe that I was having a baby without her in my life. I couldn’t believe that she was missing out on knowing Inigo.

So last night she met him for the very first time. And I cried buckets.

3 thoughts on “Something happened last night”

  1. Had something like that happen. Ten years later met up at a friends wedding. I was mad keen hoping that we’d pick up the friendship. Ten years was too long. No malice, we were strangers.


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