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A test shoot for a calendar competition I am considering entering.  Not happy with any of the shots, but this one shows the singlet beautifully.  Thanks Bex!

For the last three weeks, Inigo’s weight gains have been only 40-60grams.  It’s on the low side of normal for his age, but it takes him further away from the 50th percentile – that he had been sneaking closer and closer to.

Today, he weighed 8.80kg, up 250gm from last week (8.55kg).  That is a pretty massive gain from last week, and fantastic in the light of the past three weeks mediocre gains.

This number takes him closer to the magic 50th – of course in real terms it means nothing, but the number is significant to the paed, as it ‘s in line with his length.  And, of course, it means that I can stop worrying that the minimal gains of the past weeks mean that I have to worry about another infection.

My neck feels bruised after a visit to the chiro on tuesday, but my range of movement is much improved.  And Inigo had his first unsupervised play date with Charlie, a kid from our playgroup.  Charlie’s mum, Liz is great, I liked her as soon as I met her, and she volunteered to take Inigo while I was a the chiro.  He also stayed at Adam & Sarah’s for a few hours last Friday while I took Josephine and Owen to the hospital. 

My Mr Greenjeans is coming along – after a false start and a trip to the frog pond.  I’m now past the armholes and heading for the ribbing, which starts just under the boobs.  I might be knitting for some time!

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