Happy Birthday S!

When I was a little kid, I wasn’t very popular. I had only one friend at school when I was eight.

And then S arrived at my school, and I had two friends.

Not so very long after she arrived, her family moved again, and I lost her.

And then last year, I got a message from my brother that someone was looking for me on facebook – she found me!

So I joined facebook, and she sent me a message that left me in floods of tears. She had remembered me for all those years, and thought so much of me that she still wanted to know me after all those years.

I think she’s pretty cool, and I wish she lived closer so that I could tell her in person.

Happy Birthday. I’m amazed that I was such a good judge of character in primary school 😉

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday S!”

  1. I read somewhere that 10-20percent of kids leave school without a single friend. I think I was reading the Toddler Whisperer.
    I remember being picked last for sports teams (a v. cruel practice) because whenever the volley ball came towards me I walked the other direction. Thank god I had extra curricular activities and other groups of friends with similar interests.


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