All your spoons are belong to Oscar

Img 2652

We visited Richard and Miriam on the weekend, and Min gave the boys some wooden spoons to chew on. Oscar kept taking Inigo’s, and Inigo didn’t resist.

I don’t think Inigo is going to be the boss of this relationship.

5 thoughts on “All your spoons are belong to Oscar”

  1. It took me hours to see the typo in your header. I’m slipping.

    This photo reminds me SO much of one of H and his best friend Angus taken at that age. H would get all the cars, spoons etc and hand them to Angus. Who would chew or play and then hand back to H. Who would hand them STRAIGHT back so that he could resume facial expression of “Life is so hard”. He’s perfected it now. Still, eleven years on, they still look out for each other. Cute.



  2. I saw this picture and thought ‘look at that – Inigo is taller and bigger and so much more alert looking than Oscar (sorry Oscar!)’

    And I remember what Emma remembers too.

    That big head is to house his massive brain you know.


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