The first six months

Yesterday was just another day. Sort of.

We walked up to Granville to get weighed, Inigo slept in the pram. Woke up for his weigh in, was charm itself to Lynne (who we haven’t seen since before the anti-biotics), and was the very picture of a gorgeous, happy, self settling, healthy, perfect little guy.

Everywhere we went, people commented on how gorgeous he was, how beautiful, how perfect. Just like it used to be. Just like the last three months never happened.

Like I’ve stepped into an alternate reality. $16 worth of anti-biotics, and our lives have turned around.

So I’m hoping that the next six months bring more of the same. I’m daring to hope. For the first time since he was born, I think he’s OK. I think he’s healthy, and I know he’s happy.

And I know, that if I can get through times like we’ve had so far, that I can get through just about anything.

6 thoughts on “The first six months”

  1. I am glad you are taking it so well because frankly that was a huge miss by the hospital paed.
    And to think you almost didn’t go to the new paed.

    I think you have done fabulously. Well Done.


  2. I’m really happy for you all… Yours is an amazing story of dedication and endurance, I truly wish you guys an easy ride from now on!



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