Still here

Img 1502

On a desperate mission to get a scarf finished by thursday, so any spare moment I have while the child is asleep has been spent knitting.

Lynne, our community health nurse is retiring this week. She has been an amazing support, and will be sorely missed. She was instrumental in getting us to see Dr McVeagh, and ultimately getting answers. I had always intended to knit her something special, but I never expected to have such a short deadline. I am on the last of three balls, but I am seriously worried about my chances of getting the knitting finished, and getting it blocked and dried by thursday morning. Project details here for those of you on ravelry.

Last thursday Inigo was 7.13kg – above the 3rd percentile for weight – finally! He’s hovering around the 50th percentile for length, but his head circumference is above the 97th percentile. He is on track to follow his father into the special hat shop for cranial gigantism.

Img 1533

On friday night he tried “solids” for the first time. There are funnier photos, but the kid will have friends that know how to use the internet one day, so I’d better keep them private for now.

7 thoughts on “Still here”

  1. Way to grow! Good work!

    Any child that grins like that at spoon full of solids will continue to grow and thrive, I’m sure.


  2. I’m sure the scarf *will* be done in time, cos you want to so much. If worst comes to worst, you could take it unblocked and show her then post it…
    And block – probably only needs a gentle spray with water/ have a damp cloth squashed onto it, so I ‘spect it’ll dry fast. And do you have a hairdryer to speed the progress?

    There’s a possibility that 16th won’t work, BTW, as we COULD be off to UK over WE, but still don’t know. Just wanted to warn you.


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