Happy Half Birthday

Img 1439

We made it. I have a longer post planned, but other things need doing beofre I can sit at the computer and get it all down.

We’ve been to see Lynne, our community health nurse, and had a weigh in. 6.5ish 6.64 kg – I’ll have to check the actual number, but that is about 500gm 580gm since last week.

I’ll definitely be celebrating tonight!

8 thoughts on “Happy Half Birthday”

  1. Happy half birthday little man!

    lara have a good celebration. It is certainly good news to hear that Inigo is gaining weight rapidly.


  2. Doesn’t he look like his mum?

    Congratulations, all of you. It’s been a slog, and as I read along I wonder if I had been in your situation I would have dealt with it as well. Quite possibly not.


  3. Oh wow, he does look like you so much in that picture.

    This post makes me so happy, I can only imagine how elated it must have made you feel. Did you cry?

    Happy, happy, happy six months Inigo. And Lara – you made it too!


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