Five Months Old

The perfect age for his first visit to the TAB.


After my appointment with the nutritionist yesterday, I met up with Dad and Alex. Dad just happened to be at the TAB, so in we went.

Apparently my diet is pretty good. I was told to always have some juice when I have iron rich plant foods, as the vitamin C helps to metabolise the iron, and to try not to skip breakfast, no matter how difficult the infabeast is.

That’s one more thing to check off the list of possible reasons that my child is so thin.

Have spoken to Tresillian “centralised intake”, am now waiting for a cancellation.

On Monday he weighed 5.11kg, and while we were in the bath before the appointment with Dr McVeagh, INIGO REACHED OUT AND GRABBED THE RUBBER DUCKIE!!!!

I then made him repeat the feat a few times to make sure I wasn’t delusional. It’s the one thing we’ve been worried about with his development, despite the fact that he is a virtuoso of two handed dummy tricks…

3 thoughts on “Five Months Old”

  1. I’ve sent my metabolism up to visit inigo for a week (can I have his?). Please send it home when he’s gained enough weight on his all milk, no running diet and excercise regime. *sob*


  2. rubber duckie, your the one
    you make bathtime lots of fun
    rubber duckie i’m awfully fond of you
    rubber duckie, joy of joys
    when i squeeze you, you make noise
    rubber duckie your my very best friend, it’s true!


  3. Hey you – snob!!!
    Guess I know now you’ve had your bundle of
    of goodness!!!
    Amazing little people they are hey?
    Hows Erin saw she has lost her buns? Any chance she wants to hear from me?
    I’d love to catch up! Is she back with Andrew or is that old news?

    How old is the your fella now? Mine is 18 months, and she doesnt stop!!! So sweet & So beautiful!!

    Still got Belle!! She is 8 1/2 now!!!

    Give your little one a big smooch for me, and hey lets not lose touch like we keep doing ova the years (having kids changes you majorly hey?


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