Another visit with the paediatrician

Saw the Pead today, she’s booking us in for a residential at Tresillian so they can do a further “examination” of his feeding and sleep routine. They probably want to make sure I am feeding him! So I will call up tomorrow and wait for a cancellation – and then we’ll have to be on standby to go at a moment’s notice. At least this time we’ll be going to Willoughby – not back to Nepean! I hope the food there is a little better, but at least this time it’s only for 24 hours (or so they say now!).

Tomorrow morning we are going to see the nutritionist, and then I have to get a urine sample from the boy to a pathologist. We have already done two urine samples, but both were contaminated, so now we have to do a “clean catch” – which means holding a cup under the bits until he pees! It took Mark and I nearly an hour to do, but we got it – I just hope it’s “clean”!

Basically, it’s about 9 weeks since the boy has put on any real weight. The paed said today that it’s not normal, and we’re continuing investigations….

And yes, I’m worried. It doesn’t mean I have PND. It’s normal to be worried when your child doesn’t gain any weight for over two months. If I wasn’t worried, I’d be notified to DoCS, and if I worry too much I’ll be locked up in a psych ward.

I’m actually looking forward to Tresillian – at least I’ll be able to get some reassurance that I am doing my best. And hopefully we can take the next step towards diagnosis and cure, and my happy little boy will become a happy AND healthy little boy.

Tomorrow he’ll be five months old.

2 thoughts on “Another visit with the paediatrician”

  1. Hope they finally find an answer for you; you’re right to be worried, you’re his mother, that’s your right/responsibility.
    I remember when DD was small; I KNEW there was something wrong with her hearing – it took ages for the doctors to believe me and get her hearing checked! She had 40% loss in one ear and 60% in the other! She’s grown out of it, thankfully.


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