Hard work

Img 1113

It’s very hard work trying to lift such a huge head off those tiny little shoulders!

Inigo was much better yesterday (no spewing after expressed breast milk that had been in the freezer, but spewed after I fed him). Mum and dad took him for a few hours while I went to the RTA and Medicare to get stuff replaced. He slept well all night, and today it’s been more of the same. Sleeps well in the sling, but spews if I try to lay him in the cot.

So I have 2 clues. Either whatever was in the older milk didn’t disagree with him, or limiting the amount he gets minimises the spew. Of course it’s hard to control the amount he gets when breastfeeding, and that’s against the whole principle of breastfeeding being easy and convenient.

Or the spewing is psychosomatic? He’s punishing me for putting him in the cot?


Anyway, I refuse to let it get me down (for too long), and I refuse to be the mother that obsesses over every little thing the offspring does. I am keeping a food diary, and will attempt to track his good and bad days, and I’ll blog about it when I need to vent. But he isn’t dying, he isn’t losing (too much) weight, and we will get through this.

Thanks for the support and suggestions, I am OK, and Inigo will be too.

6 thoughts on “Hard work”

  1. I had some reflux a few years ago – lying down on a full stomach was bad for it, as was overeating. I wonder if the sling being more upright than the cot is a factor in him not spewing? I wonder if the time between feeding and sleeping is a factor too?

    What a cute kid!!


  2. GREAT photo!! Gorgeous boy! Wonderful mum! GREAT attitude!
    You WILL get through this, my love. But (to quote someone who will possibly run the free world come November) “It takes a village to raise a child”.

    Sheesh…. I love “blog as therapy”.


  3. and sorry, oops, just read Adele’s comment and remembered something we used to do with blaise, we put a flattish pillow under the cot mattress, so it tilted the mattress very slightly, so that she was lying slightly uphill…it’s another idea


  4. That is such a great photo! The look of concentration on that little face is priceless. He’s a sweetie.

    Jussi’s comment reminds me that we had a few phone books under one end of the lad’s bed for several years for that same reason. Give it a go.


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