Another reason why parenting sucks

It is not possible to know all the answers. You can think that you have a clue, and then something happens to prove that instead of being a prodigy, you are instead in need of remedial help.

I “think” that the Losec has been helping. Inigo is screaming less, but still doing a good bit of crying. He has developed a bizarre addiction to infacol, and he stops crying instantly when I give it to him. I have a theory that the mint flavour reminds him of the Mylanta that used to make him feel better when her was refluxing, but of course, I could be insane (in fact, that is becoming more and more likely!).

Yesterday, I decided that only sleeping when he is being held won’t work for me long term, so I tried to get him to sleep in his cot during the day. I spent a long time settling, finally got him to sleep, only to have him wake up screaming.

I picked him up, he burped, and I tried to resettle him. And then he cried again, then spewed, then cried, then burped, then spewed, and then it was time for another feed. He hadn’t slept much since the last fed, and was really tired, so after burping him, I put him down again to sleep. Poor baby needed another burp, and had another spew. And again. The third or fourth time he spewed, it went all over my shoulder, down my back, down my jeans and splattered on the floor. A huge amount from little guy who had already had a couple of small chucks. On closer inspection, the spew was full of mucous.

He then went to sleep for a while, was unsettled for a bit longer, then had his last feed of the day, and eventually went to bed for the night. He slept well last night, but today has been a repeat of yesterday afternoon. While waiting for the GP today, he spewed down my jeans and onto the floor, via a puddle in my right shoe.

The GP thinks he is fine – it’s just a reaction to “something” I ate.

So now I suppose I have to research food intolerance and breastfeeding, and perhaps try an elimination diet. I’m not keen on the elimination diet idea, because it’s very likely to mess with my fragile mental health.

When is this supposed to start being fun exactly?

8 thoughts on “Another reason why parenting sucks”

  1. Been there done that.
    Elimination diet and a food diary were my saving grace. Once sorted life became so much easier.

    At least these days they believe you when you say that what you eat might affect your breastfed child.

    The spewing is such a PITA. #2 is looking like being a chucker like #1, oh what fun 😉


  2. ‘Mucus’ was the son’s nick name because the upchuck was constant – sort of got it down to a gluten intolerance so we went off that for a while. Trouble is those Gluten-free breads are bloody boring. Thank dog for Rice Crackers. And you can see what a fine young healthy thing he is today 😉


  3. I agree with the food diary – then you can link the grizzly-ness with the food you have eaten, Holly had terrible days whenever I ate stonefruit, it could be something as simple as garlic or onion rather than having to cut out a whole food group.
    thinking of you


  4. It’s the sort of thing that’s so overwhelming, too, looking after a baby – goes on and on, always something needing doing – that perspective changes to minute by minute.

    Looking forward to seeing you next week and explaining to Inigo that he needs to chill!

    (Yeah, right, like you haven’t tried that).

    At least babyhood is actually not indefinite, even though it feels it.


  5. Fun? This is meant to be fun? I missed that bit in the anti-natal classes. I was so focussed on watching a bowling ball being pushed through a straw.

    Mine are fun now, sweetie. I think my life improved when they could sit up and feed themselves. Can’t really remember though – all that depression messed with my brain cells.

    Sheesh, I’m really not being helpful here, am I. Sorry babe. I’ll just slink away now……..


  6. try doing the food diary before the elimination diet. Alex used be really gassy after I had cabbage… you can probably find a link pretty quickly if tehre is a link.


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