Apparently, I’m just rude

Somebody who I think is very polite just pissed off about 150 people by politely posting an opinion on a parenting message board. I hate the name “Hunter” too, and I’d feel physically ill if I meet a poor defenceless baby that was saddled with the name. But I was surprised at the venom directed at this very polite person.

So I suppose I am risking a little vitriol by posting this…

But it is funny ๐Ÿ˜‰

9 thoughts on “Apparently, I’m just rude”

  1. Avoid name conversations at all costs. Invariably the name you rate poorly is the middle name of the person you’re talking to, or their partner’s name, etc. I’ve learned to not go there, not with *anyone*.


  2. Love it!

    And the name Hunter does seem a little ridiculous to my ear. But then so do lots of others. Hope your friend is ok, not overly slapped down?


  3. Hunter makes me think of education television shows I was forced to watch in primary school. I think he had a pet puppet dog or something… dang – now I’m going to have to google it or I won’t sleep tonight…

    LUV the utube!


  4. Not a name I’d use for my child but not cos I am a vegetarian. I suppose to each his/her own. i saw the thread and had a good giggle. There are always names that others dislike or conjure up bad memories/thoughts in others.. Can’t please everyone ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. LOVE the youtube clip! My nephew’s middle name is Hunter, but he is named after his godfather, and to be honest I have never even thought about the negative connotations of the name!

    I’m with Suzanne (above) – avoid all name conversations. I remember someone telling me “Thank God you didn’t stick with the name Fergus! He would be a nerdy gay boy for sure!” to which I replied.. “Cool! I love nerdy gay boys!”. It took her a while to get it.


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