The baby is asleep!

In his cot!

And I am not carrying him around the house in a sling, doing my poor crippled back in! And, for the first time in months, he fell asleep in the cot, without me having to cuddle him to sleep. I did sit in a chair beside the cot, and keep a hand on his chest as he fell asleep, but I was able to read a book at the same time.

It may not sound like much, but to me it is a minor miracle. Over the past few months he has been getting more and more dependant on me putting him to sleep, rather than him falling asleep on his own, and I was feeling more and more despair each day at the prospect of getting him to sleep. Last Tuesday, I decided that I was going to go back to the Tresillian method, and just wait out the inevitable pain.

Obviously, last week got the better of me, and I was gibbering mess by Wednesday afternoon. I gave up, and spent the last few days trying the “whatever it takes to get through the day” method. I hear this method is very popular with full time parents, but can lead to some long term issues!

It’s now an hour later, and he is still asleep! This must be the longest day sleep he has had in ages – barring those times when I have either slept with him, or just sat with him in the sling until he woke up.

And I have used my time constructively of course – I had a civilised lunch (with actual fresh vegetables – beats eating out of a can!), caught up on some email, chatted on the phone with a friend, and written a blog post.

I’ll clean up the kitchen during his next nap πŸ˜‰


Update: 8pm and he is asleep again after waking at 5.30pm for a meal. Again in his cot, with me sitting by his side. I did have to prop him up on a triangular pillow, which isn’t safe for overnight, so I’ll wait till he’s a little deeper asleep and take the pillow away.

6 thoughts on “The baby is asleep!”

  1. Wow πŸ™‚
    Sounds wonderful!
    You will see it the next years living with children: Always, when you are at the point of: I WONΒ΄T STAND IT ANY-MORE!!– suddenly it goes smooth, easy, normal.
    And always it IS the point of: I TAKE IT AS IT IS. And then you get cool. And coolness is good for babys πŸ˜‰
    best wishes, Eva


  2. I absolutely recognise what a HUGE milestone this is for you. Congratulations!!!

    I’m sorry I wasn’t around on the weekend for a visit….. I was struggling with parenting issues of my own (or ex-husband issues). I really would LOVE to see you guys soon.

    All of those times that you let me hold Inigo while he slept…. THANKYOU.. It was such great therapy for me, and I DID hope that you would never have problems putting him to sleep without being held. I certainly did with Hamish. Perhaps it’s a first-born child thing? Actually…… nixay that. I did the same thing with Fergus too.

    This part of parenting is just so bloody difficult. There is no avoiding that. There is, however, the joy of every moment that we get to spend locked in eye contact with our newest love. And many of those moments are spent with them in our arms.

    You, I must say, are the bestest mum. You’re doing a fantastic job. ((((((((((((((((((( Lara )))))))))))))) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. Yay for you! What a fantastic effort from you both! I used to sit with my first and pat pat pat pat for what seemed like hours. She is nearly 15 now – and I can’t wake her in the mornings!!


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