Ninety Grams

That’s how much weight Inigo has put on in the last two weeks. Which Lyn (the baby health nurse) and I were really worried about, until we plotted his weight on an expanded chart, and it seems that his weight is following the curve for the 10th percentile. His height (length) is spot on the 50th percentile. So while he is a skinny little thing, he is growing, and following a normal pattern.

The good news is, he’s been on the Losec for about 10 days, and he is doing really well. His crying episodes now seem to be related to tiredness (and sometimes crankyness) rather than intestinal torment. He’s still crying, but it’s gone down to what might be considered normal in a baby his age.

I realised last week that I was living my worst nightmare – before he was born, my worst fear was that I would have a baby that cried inconsolably, and until recently, that is what I was living with. And although it has been horrible, I have coped much better than I thought I would. And as he gets older, and happier and calmer, he is much more fun to be around. He is laughing more readily now, and the cuteness factor is off the scale.

And one up side of the slow weight gain? When it gets cold enough to wear his woolies, some of them will still fit!

2 thoughts on “Ninety Grams”

  1. snap
    Cadel is 10th percentile too.
    Want another upside.
    Mr Darcy was even worse weightgain-wise and he hit every milestone early except speech which was in the normal bounds and is doing fab now. He was always such a happy lovable child when not in pain.

    I found myself being a bit paranoid about #2’s weigh/feeding even though I should know better.

    So glad the Losec is giving you both some relief
    Nothing is worse than not being able to comfort your child.
    I know how tough it is, remember to give yourself a big pat on the back because many others would crack under similar conditions. Indigo is lucky to have you as his mother.


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