Does this kid have reflux?

I’ve basically recorded and uploaded this so that I have a record that I can show to the next doctor I see. I have a feeling that actual video of what I have been using words to explain might help the doctors to take me seriously.

Inigo screams and screams, I hate giving him drugs, but I hate seeing him in pain even more. So if there is a drug I can give him that will prevent the pain, rather than just covering the symptoms, I think I should pursue it. Giving him Mylanta after every feed isn’t an answer in my book.

BTW, if I’ve seemed a little tense lately, and burst into tears at the drop of a hat, this goes a long way to explaining it.

7 thoughts on “Does this kid have reflux?”

  1. My sister struggled with my nephew Penn’s reflux for a lot of last year. I’ll forward this link to her and see if she has any advice for you. I know she had to do a lot of research and arguing herself to get the diagnosis…


  2. Hi – this is Amy, Kris’s sister. I couldn’t tell from the video, but is he wheezing a little after the crying stops? It sounded like he might have been…that’s sometimes a side effect of all that acid coming up.

    Well, the crying certainly looks to be associated with the spit-up in this video, so I hope it helps your doctor listen to you. (My son had silent reflux – acid coming up, but not out!) If you’ve already eliminated any potential food allergies (if you’re nursing) or milk protein allergies (from formula) then there shouldn’t be any question about what’s happening here. I personally don’t subscribe to the belief that anything called “colic” exists – there is something going on, and it’s your doctor’s job to fix it. If he/she doesn’t listen to you this next time, I suggest either switching pediatricians or trying a different doctor in the same practice.

    We tried this and eventually found a sympathetic ear. My son was diagnosed with GER around 6 weeks and we were on a few different meds until it (sort of) resolved enough around 6 months for me to feel it was time to take him off meds. He’s now a completely happy and well-adjusted 15-month old, which I never thought could be possible after all that screaming!

    It’s definitely a rollercoaster, so I feel your pain. I am not going to tell you “this too shall pass” because that was the most infuriating thing I heard from people during our ordeal. When you’re in the middle of it, there is no end in sight, and all you want is for your baby to no longer be in pain…and for everybody to get some sleep, peace and quiet.

    So keep pursuing that diagnosis and if you need any advice on meds or things like that, feel free to email me. There are also a few really good Yahoo groups out there (not sure if you breastfeed, but there’s one specifically for b/f refluxers) that helped provide some new ideas and support when we were at our lowest lows.

    I hope this helps. Good luck with everything!


  3. Poor little fellow.
    Hope this helps the Docs understand how uncomfortable he is.

    Big hugs to you.
    I totally understand the rollercoaster ride you are on with Inigo. It is so hard for the primary caregiver in situations like these. It might be 11 years since I went through it but reading/seeing your plight brings is all back in technicolour.


  4. Oh God. This was awful to watch…. and I know that it can last for what feels like an eternity (having seen it in real life). This is absolutely like reliving Hamish’s babyhood. He screamed all day every day, but thankfully slept at night. He didn’t have reflux, so I’m not being helpful at all, but I am totally sympathising with your daily plight.

    A very close friends’ baby had reflux, and I remember the serious and almost desperate sucking motion after screaming fits. I have no idea if it’s related, but it certainly looks the same to me. He is 9 now and his parents are both still alive. If that’s any help!



  5. ohweh!!! poor little baby boy, poor mum and dad 😦
    have been at a osteopath doc..?
    can imagine how you suffer, and of course your little baby, hell for you!!
    hugs from germany!!!!


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