Lately, I’ve been thinking….

…that it’s about time I stopped being so lame, and learn how to crochet properly. I like crochet, not so much for garments, but for accessories, and for edging knitted pieces, but my crochet skills are pretty poor.

And this morning, I got “Crochet Blocks in a Box” by Luise Roberts. I had entered a Yarn Magazine competition ages ago, and apparently I won!

Thanks Yarn – looking forward to the next issue, and continuing a beautiful friendship.

5 thoughts on “Lately, I’ve been thinking….”

  1. I have a book of a bunch of different types of “granny squares” (they’re not all square) I can bring to SnB the next time you’re there. Although that may confuse you since it’s American crochet stitches. Great for small, digestible things that can be building blocks for something bigger (like that baby blanket I made with all the hexagons).


  2. Crochet is great. I learned to crochet way before I could knit. My grandmother tried to teach me to knit when I was a kid, but she got so exasperated by my unco kid hands that she said, “Oh for heaven’s sake, let’s try crochet; it’s only got ONE needle.” And so I was on my way!

    Apparently the Stitch n Bitch author has just released a crochet book (called, I think, “The Happy Hooker”). I got many of my next-step-up-from-beginner knitting skills from her first book, and while I find some of her writing a little trying-too-hard she does explain things very clearly. Could be worth a look, eh?


  3. Oh, I also meant to say that I’ve only just heard of Yarn magazine, but wasn’t sure if it was worth the investment or not. Worth a second look then, by the sound of it?


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