We’ve just spent nearly an hour cuddling our son. He is still on oxygen, but they are so happy with his progress that we were allowed to have a cuddle while he was on a nasal cannula instead of the headbox. No pictures – because he needs skin to skin contact, all the pics are a little pornographic.

Of course, the primary reason for the switch in oxygen source was that they wanted to take another x-ray to measure his progress. We’ll have the results of the x-ray later this afternoon, and since I now have internets in my room, I will be able to blog about it as soon as I hear something.

They have started to feed him expressed breastmilk, starting with 2mls an hour. Soon they will be putting in a naso-gastric tube to assist feeding, and we’ll start to increase the amount that he eats. He is currently getting 15ms and hour of I/V fluids, so he needs to be getting about the same amount in breastmilk. We’ve tried a proper feed, but he didn’t take to it straight away, and he became distressed, which lead to his oxygen saturation dropping. We’ll fight that battle another day, and concentrate on keeping him calm, and happy, and healthy. Then we can fatten him up.


I’ve just been ejected from the nursery. Inigo had an episode of really odd breathing, which the midwife put down to “overstimulation”. I had just changed him after I noticed him starting to wake up, and was sitting quietly stroking his arm, as I have been all day, every day now. I have never seen him do that before, and it was really frightening, and I am damn sure it wasn’t me that caused it. What a bitch. I can’t go back in there now until morning, and she’s gone, or I might strangle her. No more expressing tonight. Fuck.

7 thoughts on “Cuddles!”

  1. “because he needs skin to skin contact, all the pics are a little pornographic.”

    Isn’t it ridiculous that a photo of parents cuddling their son (or creating him) should be offensive, yet one person killing another should be M-rated?


  2. Was that the midwife we were talking about earlier? Very sad to hear about that. I’m sure he’ll be ok.

    @Adele: Yeah, how stupid can our society get?


  3. Saw Mandy today after her visit with you. The breastfeeding will happen. While a very natural thing neither you or Inigo have done it before and you both have to learn. Deep breaths and sleep well. Will see you tomorrow. I will ring first. Love Candy


  4. Thinking of you. Candy’s right – it will happen. And you have to recover from surgery too. But it’s hard to be patient, I know. ::hugs::


  5. Hope the night was better for both of you.
    A big raspberry to the nasty midwife.

    Most newborns get a little distressed in the first few days of feeding either milk is coming too fast , too slow or they haven’t managed to breath and feed simultaneously.
    It takes a bit of patience even with healthy babies, as they are not used to being hungry and being outside the womb is just such a new experience for them.

    How is the expressing going, it can be frustrating as you wait for the milk to come in on top of the additional stress of a sick baby.
    It took me quite a few days to be able to express enough consistently for Darcy’s feed when he was in Nicu. Luckily, he was on nasal oxygen so I could feed him when I was there but the monitors always went a bit flakey when feeding. The nurses would turn off the alarms, so it wouldn’t frighten us. I was always grateful for the fab nicu nurses at RCH.

    Thanks for the updates. We are sending you all the good vibes we can muster.


  6. Darling girl….. How wonderful that you two could cuddle him like that. As you know, seeing him and wanting to cuddle him myself, and thinking about how difficult it must be for you, was incredibly overwhelming for me.
    I cried most of Sunday afternoon about it.
    But enough about me! Big sticky-outy-tongue to the nasty nurse. I do feel for them though. To be in that environment day after day, and often with awful outcomes, must cause them to toughen up in order to survive. Just sad that she wasn’t sensitive to you.
    I’m hoping that I can come and visit again on Thursday. Will call. In the meantime, HEAPS of love to all three of you.
    And the breastfeeding thing will be what it will be. I had awful AWFUL problems with Hamish. He had a tiny mouth and I had a huge areole (too much information??!) and it was a nightmare. I persisted, but would have forgiven myself if I had given up. Fergus on the other hand, was easy-peasy, and then I had to wean him at 8 weeks because of all the drugs they put me on. That was even more traumatic.
    You guys will be fine. Inigo will be fine. He’s a fighter, I can tell. And he’s an old soul. He’ll be forgiving and fighting to survive and to get the best of everything that he can.
    Hamish and Fergus can’t stop talking about him. They plan on being very VERY good and responsible “older brothers” to him! I think they saw themselves in his face.
    Love you. xxxxxxxx


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