Brendan Nelson wants to grant same sex couples “equal” rights. But he doesn’t support gay marriage, adoption, or access to IVF. Doesn’t sound equal to me matey.

Img 0005 2

Inigo has had a good night. Since about 5pm last night, all of his obs have recorded less than 100 breaths per minute, bar one. Normal is 40-60 breaths per minute, and he started out at about 120, so less than 100 is a significant improvement – in my mind at least! He’s also down to less than 50% oxygen, and still getting 100% blood oxygen saturation – the goal is that they can wean him off the oxygen completely, and keep his breathing low. Nobody will speculate how long that will take, but I have been warned that I shouldn’t expect to go home on Monday.

After he is off the oxygen completely, then I will get to start breastfeeding – we can’t go home until breastfeeding is established. Of course, nobody has explained to me what their definition of “established” is, so I’m still in the dark about that.

We haven’t heard from the paediatrician this morning though, so officially we have no word yet. Mum is convinced he is looking much better though, and I’m almost confident enough to say that I think he looks happier too.

And I finally got an (almost) good night’s sleep. And the world’s best husband just walked in with coffee. Life is looking much brighter today.


Update – 7pm

The doctors were really happy with his progress today, resp rate was down under 70 for most of the day. Unfortunately, it’s been back up again since, so they aren’t reducing the oxygen again until he can be reviewed by the doctors again tomorrow. All in all, a good day, but with a few scary and uncertain moments with his heart rate dropping very low. We remain alert but not alarmed. He’s had his gastric tube removed at least, and been able to have a bath – so we can finally tell that he has brown hair underneath all the gore!

Yesterday Simone and Andrew visited, and brought various delights from the best of Newtown’s Turkish and Lebanese restaurants. We had a veritable feast, and I was able to eat breakfast and lunch today from the superb leftovers. They also brought a box filled with gorgeous clothing for the boy (I can’t wait to put him in actual clothes!), and Simone has created a custom skincare range for Inigo.

Img 0014

In the bottles are Inigo George Nettle’s “Oh-So-Clean-Feeling Baby Bum Wipe Juice”, “Super Deluxe Baby Bath Elixir” and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Baby Bum Butter”. You’d have to feel pretty special to have a skincare range named for you before you were three days old!

6 thoughts on “Equal?”

  1. Established breastfeeding – in my experience that means that you have had a go at it. It does not matter that you have cracked or bleeding nipples because he is not latching on correctly…..
    In brighter news – love the foot shot! And its great to hear that he is doing better.
    Alex is now rollin rollin rollin around the house. He has a love affair with the printer – as he knows he is not supposed to touch it.
    Its getting moved very soon.


  2. It’s hard when your child is sick but it sounds like Inigo is going in the right direction.
    Established BF usually means both of you are starting to get the hang of it and the child is gaining weight. Make sure you raise any concerns and see if you can get the hospitals lactation consultant to see you and arrange for some at home visits if possible.

    Our thoughts are with you.


  3. Good to hear he’s improving and his parents are doing ok.

    Grr, what more would we expect from the Libs? Let’s hope Kevin gets some progress happening. After all, why should I be allowed to be permitted to marry and have kids with one person I dated but not another, purely on the basis of one chromosome?


  4. Back again to say that in my (very limited) experience, “established” BF meant that the midwife and lactation consultant has checked that the baby is latching properly, is feeding well and that mum knows what to do and how to feed the baby. It did not matter to them that I was complaining abt pain whenever I fed (It was normal apparently) and that my nipple had blistered and was cracked. That took time to heal (and I guess I could not stay in hospital forever). If you don’t manage to “establish” BFing in the hospital, you may do well getting a lactation consultant in once or twice. From what I have heard, they are expensive ($60-$100 per hour) but well worth the $$. For me, the pain took a while to go away but eventually it did.. (panadol helped in heh early days) and now 11 mths later, Alex still loves “his” boobies. Oh.. and if you find it too difficult or Inigo does not want it, it’s NOT the end of the world.


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