Yesterday I had my 40 week checkup. Inigo was head down again (he has been doing somersaults through the week, but I had decided not to let it stress me), but is no longer “engaged”. They are happy for me to keep pottering along until next friday, when I will have another checkup, and then see the Drs clinic to talk about possible induction. Not sure how long I will get before they induce, but the fact that we don’t even talk about it till 41 weeks is encouraging. I’ve done some reading about induction, and my feeling is that going into spontaneous labour sounds like much more fun. Well, not exactly fun, but you get the idea.

After seeing the midwives, I went into town to hang out with Miriam, who was 4 days overdue yesterday. I took her to an acupuncture appointment (with the hope of bringing on labour), and then we had pedicures. So at least when we can see our toes again, they will be pretty (and hopefully not puffy). Miriam is booked in to the birth centre at RPA, and will be induced on monday or tuesday if she doesn’t go into labour over the weekend. So any spare “go into labour vibes” would be handy for her this weekend. Either way, looks like we’ll get to meet Oscar sooner rather than later (and I’ll win the race for last).

And on Monday, there is a new Kylie Minogue album out. Woo Hoo!

Today is election day, and hopefully the end of the Howard Years. Remember to vote Green in the Senate, and we might just wrest the balance of power from the coalition – so that the Labour party can actually pass legislation if they get in.

I’m off to do a bit of housework, then drag my bloated carcass off to a polling both to try to get the voters of Berowra to vote Green in the Senate. It’s Phillip Ruddock’s electorate (and one of the safest Liberal seats in the country, but I will do what I can…

2 thoughts on “Due”

  1. Loads and loads of good labour vibes coming your way, along with a wish that you have a trouble-free labour that is neither too long or too short. And hugs to Inigo for being co-operative about the whole thing too. 🙂

    Believe it or not, John Howard was actually at the polling centre I went to today.

    As I spotted him munching on one of the sausages from the sausage sizzle the school had set up to raise funds for our kids’ education, I couldn’t help but wonder just how many sausages he will have to put away today before the polling booths close. 😉


  2. Fingers crossed for all things good with Inigo’s journey into the world.

    So sorry to read that you’re in Phillip Ruddock’s electorate, even sorrier to read tonight that he’s retained the seat.

    Sorrier still to read that Kerry’s time in the Senate is over. How absolutely crap. Please pass on a big pat on the back for all the great work she put in while she was there. We’ll miss her.


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