It’s a…

…recalcitrant brat.

Bloody umbilical cord wrapped as snug as a bug around the pink bits, despite over three hours of being poked with an ultrasound wand (not as bad as a pap smear, but still not very fun), with a full bladder (they need that to help see the baby).

So I had a wee hissy fit yesterday afternoon, until I heard from the vendors solicitor that they would like the documents from me asap. I decided that buying a house was more important than feeling sorry for myself, so drove to Strathfield to meet with young David.

I gave him the amended sewer diagram that the lovely Bex had procured for me, and also the “Standard Requisitions” (a list of questions about the property that the vendor has to answer, like “has the property ever been used as a meth lab” etc). Apparently they have already moved out, so I asked if they might consider an early settlement – and it looks like they might!

I then drove to Chatswood to return the new mobile phone I had picked up the day before (the Nokia 6300 doesn’t play nice with the mac, and lord knows when the iPhone will hit our shores). I’ve decied to swap it for the Sony Ericsson Z610i, which will play nicely with Blue Phone Elite (the software I use to avoid typing out long text messages on the tiny keypad, and manage other phone stuff).

No, I don’t need a new mobile phone, and yes, I am getting the pink one. Mark’s work was paying for his phone, so he had it switched over to their account. Now the new company is taking over, they won’t pay for the phone, so he’s had to switch the billing back to us. While doing so, he decided to switch my bill onto a cap plan, which entitles me to a new phone. Having only got a new phone about a year ago, I feel that this is needlessly indulgent, but at my heart I am a gadget freak, and it is beyond my powers to say no.

7 thoughts on “It’s a…”

  1. Heh, the baby is already being difficult. Wait ’til he/she is 14.
    David woke this morning, and the first thing he said to me was “If I was in the US, I could have an iPhone now”. I think he may be just a little obsessed.


  2. Bother. So, you know, we won’t know what to knit the gender appropriate pastel bootees in?

    Oooh, an early settlement would rock, nice.


  3. As long as there is just the one, and it’s healthy!

    Sounds like you may be moving sooner than you thought. What fun that will be. I checked the house out, it looks very nice. I also google earthed it (my latest obsession!)


  4. It was good to see you at R&L today. I missed all of you so much when I was busy house-hunting.. but you already knew that.

    Looks like ampersand is a little shy 🙂 We’ll just have to make sure we knit him or her lots of stuff in bright unisex colours like red!


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