My Dress, My Image, My Choice

Mum sent me some information about this event coming to Sydney – we’re booked in for the Castle Hill event, there is also one in Randwick. Having no Mulism friends, and hardly any exposure to Islamic culture and customs, I thought this would be a great introduction – especially since we’ll soon be living in a suburb where there are Arabic signs on many of the shops, a good number of mosques, and women in hijab on the streets.

I must confess that I have felt negatively towards women in hijab, and have often wondered why they choose the oppressive garment. In trying to educate myself I have learned that most women choose to don the hijab of their own free will, and see it as a positive reinforcement of their spirituality.

I would guess that my negativity is not uncommon amongst non muslim Australians (of all backgrounds), and this is a wonderful opportunity for us to educate ourselves about our neighbours.


The event My Dress, My Image, My Choice promotes greater understanding of the Islamic dress code for women and provides an opportunity for Muslim and non- Muslim women to meet over a meal, get to know each other and enjoy a parade of Muslim fashions including casual, sports, evening and bridal outfits, said Saara Sabbagh Project Manager, My Dress My Image My Choice.

Many Muslim women have described incidences of harassment or open hostility from other non-Muslim women in the street, said Saara Sabbagh and as a result, My Dress, My Image, My Choice was developed in an effort to bridge the gap between Muslim and non-Muslim women.

The womens only event has been held in many areas in Melbourne as well as country Victoria and Adelaide. The feedback has always been extremely positive and we are thrilled that it has become so popular and that we have brought it to Sydney.

The event is free, and a scrumptious meal will be provided.

Two separate events will be held in Sydney. The first on Friday August 17th from 11am till 2.30pm at the Randwick Town Hall 30 Frances Street, Randwick.

The second on Sunday August 19th from 5pm-8.30pm at the Castle Grand, cnr Pennant and Castle streets, Castle Hill. For bookings please call Sharon on 0422 346 263. Please refer to the attachment for more details.

This project is managed by the Islamic Council of Victoria.

It is funded by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

For media interviews and enquiries please call Saara Sabbagh on 04331 31667

2 thoughts on “My Dress, My Image, My Choice”

  1. Looks like a good event, and I guess very worthwhile you are trying to understand. Must say I adore having street signs in other languages … foreign travel for the cost of a bus fare 😉

    Some days, I think it would be nice to wear clothes that direct other people’s attention away from my body, away from what I look like. Clothes that say “No, you have to deal with me as a human / spiritual person, not as a sex object”. I wonder if that’s how Muslim women feel?

    My concern is sorta the reverse. Do Muslim men understand that I have strong beliefs but my religion indicates you don’t WEAR any sign or symbol of them?


  2. I have had a fascination for all things Islamic for many years. I have studied the culture, even started learning Arabic for a time. If I believed in God, I don’t, then Islam would probably be my choice of religion. It is a shame that the fanatics have taken over the religion. Though, reading history, the West’s support of brutal regimes has greatly aided the fanatics. There are unpleasant aspects to all religions and it is sad that the massive scientific/cultural achievements of Islam are forgotten by many as we choose to concentrate on the non-Islamic behaviour of a growing minority.

    I have always remembered a doco I saw about a particular fundamentalist branch of a religion – the women were not to show their hair in public, so they wore wigs. To me this is “cheating” their God. The women of Islam who voluntarily do what they believe is right, have my respect. The men, and women, who force women to follow their beliefs, do not.

    Totally off topic – suddenly Howard is concerned about funding for the disabled! Wow! Amazing how an election year can remove the blinkers.


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