Back to 2005

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments and support. The last week has been pretty challenging, but at least I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I was. The pills that the Dr at the hospital prescribed were $91.35 for ten tablets, and I was to take 2-4 per day. I took the last pill on monday night, and spent most of yesterday in bed. Today I dragged myself off to Cherryhills for the knitting group, and managed to put on a brave face after 10 minutes of deep breathing in the car after the drive. I had a lovely time, and I do hope that my colourful language wasn’t upsetting the regulars.

Candy invited me over for lunch, but I as ready to get back to bed after all that excitement. Was home in time for Oprah, but fell asleep during the first segment, and woke up to Judge Judy – the horror!

Got up to do some useful stuff, felt vile, went back to bed. At 4.30pm, I put the dishwasher on, and cut up some veggies to bake for dinner. This furious burst of activity was enough to have me racing for the toilet again, and after that I slunk back to bed with my tail between my legs.

Tomorrow, I was planning on spending most of the day working on my secret project, but since I’ve discovered that activity sets off my nausea, I think I’ll be doing more knitting, and less getting out of bed. Or maybe I’ll visit the GP and try to get a referral to an obstetrician – though I don’t think I’ll need one long term, it might be good to talk to an expert about what is happening to me right now, and maybe get some answers. And I’ve decided it wouldn’t kill me to see what sort of early intervention programs for pre natal depression are available. I may not need it, but if anyone has a red flag over their head for PND, it would be me – and my experience of pregnancy has been pretty awful so far.

In case you’re interested, I am now into my 15th week, well into the second trimester. 182 days to go.

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