8 thoughts on “Another reason why John Howard sucks”

  1. WTF! no wonder we found our kid’s education so different in Sydney!
    SOOOOO good to see you back
    hang in there, may the next feeling in your tummy be ampasand quickening!


  2. I’m sorry. I seem to have brought a heap American political retardedness with me. Obviously I forgot to wipe my feet when I stepped of the plane. I should have notified Quarantine.

    I think if I raised a kid in the states now I would definitely homeschool, especially after the idiocy of “No Child Left Behind”, which I have heard has done an extreme amount of harm to the US education system. Now I’m starting to get nervous about here, and I haven’t even started planning a family yet!

    Maybe a group of like minded individuals will purchase a south pacific island and set up a nice commune there and Mr Wiggins and I can move there to ride out the future collapse of western civilisation.


  3. I know independent schools get 70% of Federal Education funding, but they get 0% of State Education funding. I also believe that Federal Education funding is a teeny tiny amount compared to State Education funding. So 70% of a teeny tiny amount is better than nothing, but nothing to write home about.


  4. I don’t know the exact figures so I can’t compare what public vs private schools are getting. My opinion is that if private schools teach 30% of all students then they should get 30% of total funding. The astronomical fees that they charge can be spent on providing all the other ‘extras’ that public schools don’t. Alex will probably go to a public school.. we can’t afford private schooling at the fees they are charging 😦


  5. My understanding is that Federal funding is $7 billion which is 22.5% of total education spending (the States spend $24 billion). So the Federal Government spends $4.83 billion on the “independent” sector. Not really a “teeny tiny amount”. This means that nearly 16% of all education spending goes to the private sector.


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