McMahon Locked Up

SMH Article

I was in court today, hopefully for the last time. After summarising the evidence against McMahon, which was chilling, and kept out of the papers, he commented that there was no contrition of a guilty plea, just repeated attempts to have the case thrown out on mental health grounds.

Ultimately, the judge made his decision based on two factors – that NSW law offers no protection to people who take drugs then claim that the drugs they took impaired their judgement, and that there was “community outrage”.

So maybe I made a difference. I choose to believe that.

Let’s hope he doesn’t appeal.

3 thoughts on “McMahon Locked Up”

  1. YES!!!!!!
    result! WOO-Hoo.
    I am ****so glad*** they locked this absolute waste of space on planet earth up and I hope he gets a heck of a lot more of the same treatment he’s been getting of late. In fact i hope he suffers for the rest of his life.
    GOOD ON YOU TOO LARA for your part.


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