Rhubarb is Still Gone

Rabbits are interesting pets. They can be affectionate and loyal like a dog, or just use you for body heat and food, like a cat. They can ignore you completely, or follow you around the house, and spring into your lap if they think you are hiding the sultanas in the TV remote. They can be affectionate, and sneaky, clever, and silly. They play, they snuggle, they bounce with joy, and they wrap their furry paws around a heart like you wouldn’t believe if you never lived with one. Of course, you need to share your space with a desexed rabbit – it doesn’t count if you keep them outside and visit them once a day, you need to LIVE with them to gain their trust, and nothing beats gaining the trust of an animal that is everyones food. The trust of a prey species is a rare and precious thing.
But once you get to the point where they trust you, a funny thing can happen. Sometimes, the little buggers get the power relationship all messed up. Sometimes, they come to think of themselves as the supreme ruler of the universe, and you are the pet.
All rabbits are individuals, and breed does not denote temperament, but there are some common threads I have noted, ie. Rex bunnies seem to have this “I am the centre of the universe” thing very close to the surface. My first bun, Fuzz Bucket was a Rex, Rhubarb was a Rex, and so is this bun in the picture.

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