I’ve just sent an email to Spotlight informing them of my intention to boycott their store until they back down on their proposed AWAs.

They are proposing to pay workers and extra 2c an hour in exchange for signing away overtime, penalty rates and rest breaks – leaving the average worker (according to the Your Rights at Work Website) about $90 per week worse off. Spotlight are not doing this because the company is losing money. They are doing it because the industrial relations changes say they can, and it will improve on the $600 million dollars the company turned over last year.

Here is what I wrote…

“I am the organiser of a “Stitch ‘n Bitch” group – people from all walks of life who gather to knit, crochet, embroider, etc, together. While we craft, we talk- and your company was the subject of our discussions last weekend.

None of our members will shop at your stores until you treat your workers fairly. It’s a pity for me, as I need some more yarn from Spotlight to finish a much loved project, but I would rather destroy many weeks of careful and meticulous work than support your company with another cent of my money.”

But of course, and am a rabid leftie, and these things make me very cross.

If it makes you cross, you can send an email here.

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