More Shitty News

I had a difficult start to the week. Work has been pretty horrid, for reasons I can’t make public, and I came home on monday night (after finding that the Club Lard Auditors had made a 1kg mistake a few weeks ago – I am not doing as well as I thought), to find that Rhubarb and Grasshopper had escaped from the Palais du Bun, and gone on a rampage.

My birthday flowers had been eaten, the “cheer up” tulips from Mark had been knocked over, and the vase they were in ( a wedding present) aws in pieces on the floor. Bad Hare was desperate to try to get back home and pretend that it wasn’t him – Bad Bunny wanted dinner, and nipped me until he got it. I collapsed into bed, to find that it was somewhat damper, and more populated with bunny poo than I had left it in the morning. Yes, Rhubarb had paid a visit, and left a calling card.

I tried to remember that pooping on something that smells like me is a bunny compliment, and I shouldn’t be offended. But tuesday I was going back to court, for what I had hoped would be the final installment of the Brendan McMahon experience. Every trip to court has been confronting and awful, but I had been lead to believe that there was a very good chance that the 23rd would be the end of it, one way or another, and I felt a little more hopeful and positive. It may not be a great outcome, but it’s an outcome – and I can move on.

So on tuesday morning I met mum and the wonderful Jane outside the court, and we waited till 10.15 am for the court to become available.

The defence solicitor seemed pretty hopeless, the prosecution appeared much more competent and prepared. Unfortunately, the judge now has to make a judgemnt on an interpretaion of law. The defence wants McMahon to be considered insane – that he didn’t know what he was doing was wrong, but the state would prefer that the case was considered under section 11a of the crimes act. If you’re a law student, or a lawyer, and can point me at the relevant documents, I’d be grateful.

The long and the short of it – if the judge feels that the consideration of the “McNaughton Rule” (sp?) should come before section 11a of the crimes act, then the charges will be dismissed. Otherwise, there will be another court date for sentencing.

There is no appropriate punishment for this horiffic crime. I can only hope that once it is over, I can find a way to give the events of the past year some meaning.

And today, I learned that my dear friend Simone lost her cat Scooter overnight. He was eight years old, and healthy as can be until tuesday morning. He spent last night in an oxygen tent. He went into respiritory arrest and was revived 4 times, but they couldn’t save him. Please spare a thought for Simone, and her remaining cat, Maya, who doesn’t understand where her buddy has gone.

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