A Minor Win

Brendan McMahon’s application for his case to be considered under the Mental Health Act was denied today.

Judge Helen Symes found that while he met the criteria for consideration under section 32 of the act, she belived that the serious nature of the crime meant that the public interest would be best served by having the matter heard before the law.

McMahon has pleaded not guilty, and a date for a hearing will be set next thursday, the 23rd of December. The hearing will most likely take place in February or March of next year.

I must admit that I was not feeling hopeful that the courts would treat this matter with the serious consideration that I feel it deserves, and todays decision was somewhat of a relief. It is still very possible that he won’t receive a custodial sentence, but hearing the Magistrate use the words “protection of the public”, and “serious nature of the crime”, was a glimmer of hope in what has otherwise been a very bleak horizon.

2 thoughts on “A Minor Win”

  1. As an ex-social worker in mental health I find rabbit torturer Brendan Francis MaMahon’s defence of `drug addiction` flimsy in the extreme. Drugs or no drugs MaMahon is a psychosexual sadist who derives sexual pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering on vulnerable beings. These individuals rarely stop with animals and eventually thirst for a bigger `high` from acting out their impuluses on human beings.

    McMahon’s torture and mutilation of live rabbits are the most vile animal cruelty crimes I know of and his punishment should reflect the depraved depths to which he has sunk.

    Lawrence Pope
    Victorian Animal Welfare Association
    PO Box 377 Nth Carlton, Victoria 3054
    mob. 0416 22 86 96


  2. Hear Hear.
    Thank goodness that last judge took it seriously.
    I hope the police have confiscated his passport too. The thought that this man is still out on bail sends a chill to my bones.
    Even if the petshops all know him now, what’s to stop him looking in the classifieds for more animals to torture?
    Yes you are right the drugs excuse is quite pathetic actually. He had that capability in his make-up without the drugs and any psychiatrist worth his salt would tell you as much.


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