Bestiality Charge Dropped

Bestiality Charges Dropped

The Prosecutor and the defence are drinking buddies. Does that have anything to do with the charge being dropped ? Who knows. I am still trying to find out. I spoke to the prosecutor yesterday and heard that the bestiality charge was to be dropped, I can only guess that either they didn’t think they could get a conviction, or that there is something funny going on.

Though there is proof of a sexual connection, apparently there was no penetration, so it may make the charge difficult to prove. Mercifully I have not read the entire case file, and am unaware of exactly what the evidence against him is.

He is making an application to be considered to have diminished capacity under section 23 (or is it 32, it’s been a long day) of the mental health act. That means that the likelihood of him serving actual jail time is minimal.

If anyone has access to a criminal lawyer that has some insight into this process, I’d be really grateful for any information.

One thought on “Bestiality Charge Dropped”

  1. funny how the papers all run ‘charges dropped” as part of headlines eh? as if there arent another umpteen charges still pending.
    as for the mental health defence (socalled) what a joke! I hope they will apply the same rule to all other offences committed under ice.
    yeah right.
    that lowlfe should do the world a favour and top himself now.


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