After Nearly 48 Hours on the Lam…

Grasshopper is back ! He disappeared on Saturday afternoon (he must have pushed open the screen door while we were cleaning the house), and bounced around the back yard for two days.

Mark found him under the house this afternoon, and when he ran out I managed to herd him back in to the house. Where he promptly peed a huge volume, like he’d been saving up for 2 days….

Never been happier to see him pee all over the place 🙂

One thought on “After Nearly 48 Hours on the Lam…”

  1. Good to have him back! Syd hasn’t gotten out, but he seems to be more liberal with his peeing. I guess he’s like a guy in that respect: totally polite for the first month and a half, then peeing on everything in sight after we get to know one another.

    My kitten, Mister, who loves litterboxes in a neurotic way, is excited to have the extra litterbox downstairs to play in.


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