Brendan McMahon Update

I wrote this last thursday, the 13th of October. Since then, I have been portrayed by The Australian as a crazed activist, just to discredit my wonderful sister in law, and been through the absolute worst misery I can recall.

I still am not ready to talk about everything that is going on with me, but I feel it’s important to keep this case alive, and share my experiences in the hope that there will be enough outrage to get a decent sentence.

Downing Street Centre 13.10.2005

I have just returned from the court.

Brendan McMahon does not look a lot like the court illustration, and sitting calmly outside the courtroom he looked like he could have been a lawyer, not a defendant. He has a craggy face, a thin frame, and was very well dressed – like the banker he used to be. He made no attempt to avoid eye contact, and sat without speaking to anyone. I didn’t hear him say a word the entire time.

I entered the small courtroom, and waited while the press filed in. Apart from the press and the lawyers, there were about 6 other people in the court. Before the judge entered, the lawyers discussed dates. I couldn’t hear everything that was said. When the judge entered, she was asked by the defense for a later court date, due to the large amount of evidence in this case. The prosecution had no objection, and the judge set the date for the 10th of November, bail to continue until that time. Representations to be given to the DPP by the 20th of October.

And that was it. The press raced out to get to the front of the court before him, and I was left to share an elevator with him and his lawyer, and a woman (I don’t know who she is). She said something about the number of people in the court, so I introduced myself as being from the Australian Companion Rabbit Society, and I saw his shoulders stiffen – he had his back to me. The lawyer nodded to me.

I collected my camera and my phone from the law (security in the court is pretty tight), and came down to the front steps to wait with the press. The trio had left the lift at the first floor, so we weren’t sure if he was taking a back exit (very unusual for the courts to allow this), or wether they were waiting till the press went away.

After about 30 minutes of waiting, they came out. I got a pic, but I don’t think it’s going to be much good. The press chased him down the street, and when they returned, I was mobbed. I was interviewed for ch 7 news, the Australian, AAP, The Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, a guy from New Zealand, and a few radio stations.

I spoke about the reasons he chose rabbits as his victims, and I hope that will give the press something to talk about, to keep the case alive. Since the matter is before the courts, there is very little the press can talk about publicly, but general stuff, like pet shop policies, and the psychology behind his actions will provide fodder for the press. I intend to do everything I can to keep this case in the public eye.

While there are further charges pending, it has not yet been decided if they will be laid or not. The police won’t do all the paperwork to prepare for laying the charges unless they get a commitment from the Department of Public Prosecutions that they will be aggressively pursuing the case. If the DPP don’t intend to push for a harsh sentence, there is no point in the police laying the groundwork. I have been asked by the detective in charge of the case to prepare a document for the DPP that outlines the reasons that rabbits were chosen as his victims. Margo deMello from the House Rabbit Society has offered to help me with this.

Hopefully the DPP won’t need to be lobbied in order for them to take this seriously, but stay posted.

12 thoughts on “Brendan McMahon Update”

  1. I hope they throw the book at that Piece of S.C.U.M. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sadistic Psycopaths like him are un-rehabilitable and should be put down for the greater good.
    I sincerely hope he gets major jail-time, and gets to share a cell with another sadistic psychopath, but being rich and all, I doubt he’ll get a tenth of the sentence he deserves. Has probably paid the cops all off already.
    I *hope* you are successful in your quest.


  2. I have had dealings (business) with this guy in the past and let me say that he isn’t wealthy like people are assuming. In fact, I would be pretty sure that he doesn’t sponsor 8 children. He was never “Bachelor of the Year” and I doubt he has anything to do with the art fraternity.

    He may look professional but I only ever saw him in the one suit!!!

    I’ve had clients out of pocket because of their dealing with him (not large amounts but money anyway) and he rarely did anything he promised to do. I know a few other people who’ve also dealt with him in the past and everyone I come across has the same opinion.

    In fact, if I was his lawyer I would be asking for my money up front because it will be like extracting teeth to get it later.

    He needs to go to jail for a long time and be locked up with someone who likes to skin humans!!!


  3. Much like Michael (previous comment) I too know (should say ‘knew’) Brendan. I lived with Brendan for a couple of years as flatmates a few years back. I am appalled and sickened by his acts, but at the same time, not surprised. As anyone who knows him will tell you he is VERY odd, though he never demonstrated any violent tendancies (with the exception of martial arts training). This was prior to his “ICE addiction”, he was not a well man years before this. Drugs are an excuse. As Michael commented, he has delusions of grandure. He is far from wealthy, and the “one suit” comment is absolultey true, so I know Michael is not lying when he says he knows him. Brendan always reminded me of the lead role in the film American Physco, on the surface seems very successful and together, but underneath it, is probably borderline sociopath.

    I think for all our sake he should be kept off the streets, and receive the treatment he desperetly needs.


  4. I knew Brendan in the late 80’s but have had no contact since then. He was a work colleague of of my boyfriend at the time. I was really blowned away by this case as used to party and had many social interactions with him and his girlfriend. He was always “out there” even with out stimulants but the long time drug abuse has definitely taken it’s toll on Brendan.


  5. I knew and worked closely with Brendan and Jason Meares in recent years when they first set up their company ‘Meares McMahon Capital’. To be honest they were both heavy drug users and were highly unconventional in their attitudes and business dealings (to say the least).

    I must say Brendan was by far the angriest man I have ever met, the hate seamed to burn inside of him like an infinite inferno of rage all day long. It is a little scary to know that he will be out of jail in a year or two. We are no longer speaking of animal cruelty here but if the man can be such an agro deranged psycho to do as he has done there is no telling what he is capable of doing.


  6. I met Brendan in the late 80’s until the early 90’s when he was working for a Finance firm in Gearge Street and when he lived in Bondi Junction. He always talked about his sister and the pub/hotel his father had owned in NZ when they were young and about his modelling career he had in NZ and the love of Cactus plants and Succulents.

    It is true about the one suit he owned. BUT back then it was a Olive Green green coloured suit and later a navy pinstripe suit.

    He played many psychological, mental games and often said “I need my drugs to feel normal”. That comment itself is NOT normal!!! He is not a well person I hope he is kept inside and receives the treatment he desperately needs.

    I knew Brendan as a cruel, twisted, delusional person. I can assure you he is capable of hurting people just as much as he had the defenseless rabbits and guinea pigs. I knew his girlfirend at the time and she was a victim of physical abuse (apart from the mental and emotional abuse)from him on two occassions back in the early 90’s.

    Also the comments above from John (February 9th, 2006) about “always reminded me of the lead role in the film American Physco, on the surface seems very successful and together, but underneath it, is probably borderline sociopath”, is very accurate. The books Brendan ever read at the time was “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “The Art of War”.

    I really believe that Brendan is a very lost soul and a walking time bomb..what he has done doesn’t surprise me, I can only say that it has been almost a decade and a half since I last saw him and he was mentally unstable then, he will only get worse if not kept an eye on or treated medically according to his problems.


  7. Unfortunately we must go back to being vigilanties with cases such as this, governments and other bureaucracy’s simply don’t care. Anyone have an address for him?


  8. I can’t believe this creep got off. I feel I could personally torture and kill him myself!! Would love to know where he lives. I do alot of work with animal charities and have seen so much cruelty to animals but this has sickened me like nothing else, to the point where I can’t stop thinking about it and haven’t for the last year. Would it be worth going to a Current Affair or Today Tonight with this? I can’t believe the court’s stance on animal cruelty. When are they going to start throwing the book at barbaric people like this to make an absolute example of them. I wish I was at the court so I could have egged this creep!!


  9. To my colleagues and I, Brendan Fraser McMahon will always be remembered as “The York St Rabbit Fucker”. His face has adorned our Wall of Infamy for years now, and the term “Rabbit Fucker” is a recognised insult within our corporation, meaning one who is below contempt, and will forever be firmly associated with this retarded Kiwi.

    He may not be behind bars, but he has the stench of his reputation to wear for the rest of his days.


  10. 23/10/2016

    WELL BLOW ME DOWN AND PAINT ME GOLD…., here is an update on this sick twisted man…. he is currently working and living in Auckland , New Zealand. He is now using the name FERGUS McMAHON… and here is an even more believeable fact, he is ONCE again buying Rabbits from breeders in New Zealand. And in fact has purchased over 3 rabbits in the last 3 weeks ,but amazing within days the breeders have had there other rabbits STOLEN !!!! i am sure we all know that this sick individual is now up to no good again… can change your name and your location, but doesnt change the sickness inside of you… god help NEW ZEALAND AND GOD HELP ALL THE POOR RABBITS AS WELL !!!!!!!!!! This sick twisted and psycho individual needs to be stopped… bring on all the news in N.Z to catch , expose and lock him up for good !!!!!


  11. I knew him very well, yes he had one suit, and yes he thinks he can communicate through his ‘3rd eye’. Last time he was seen was in New Zealand, had changed his name to ‘Fergus Rebel McMahon’, and was at it again stealing bunnies late at night from NZ breeders. He got caught again, had his name suppressed through the court system for about 2 years, and late last year his name was released and he was finally sentenced again, and you can read the news article on it here:


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