Rhubarb is Home From The Vet

He’s had a blood test, a fine needle aspirate, a skin scraping, a fungal culture, and caleci vaccine. They also took his temperature. Twice… And he only bit one person ! (me). I am sure he is feeling poorly, he’d never put up with all that before.

Anyway, temp is normal, there is an infection on his chin that may be making him a bit unwell, and the snotty nose too. He has Vibramyacin (the chocolate flavoured antibiotic that he loves), and Matthew will call me in the morning with blood test results. Will keep you posted, but this stage it’s looking as though his unhappiness and weight loss is due to localised (not systemic) things that should respond well to treatment. I nearly cried all the way home, it was such a relief!

Grasshopper and Custard also had shots, and Matthew finished Grasshoppers pedicure that I was too traumatised to finish last week. We must have been in there for over an hour, and including pathology and three vaccinations, I was charged less than $250.

I love my vet.

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